In our current situation, most people are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or even traumatized by what’s going on. I feel it, my family is feeling it, friends are feeling it and so are their kids. Everyone is affected.

People’s nervous systems are in overdrive, going into fear and survival mode. This plays havoc on your health and well being and your ability to be compassionate towards others. It puts us into “every man for themselves” mode. This only tears us apart, causing greater disconnection and more pain and suffering.

I believe this crisis is telling us something. There’s always a lesson to learn, a ‘silver lining’. These lessons are generally learned when everything is ripped out from below us, when our world is turned upside down, things are stripped back so that new constructs or ways of being emerge. It’s painful to begin with but things will blossom on the other side.

We are being forced by Mother Nature to stop and slow down, reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones, reconnect with nature, go inwards instead of seeking things from external forces. It’s an awakening on the greatest of scales. But only those who wake up will come out the other side blossoming.

So, its time. Its time to look within. Time to listen. Nature always knows. She’s sending a message loud and clear! Nature is giving us this time out so that we can focus on the things that are important. Start tuning in instead of freaking out. Turn off the news. Put down the devices. Stop buying into the hype and stop distracting yourself. Take this seriously. Go into lock down but go internal and see what you can learn.

With everything that is happening currently it is now more than ever of the highest importance to look after ourselves. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We need to come together as a community and start treating each other with love. It starts with self-love. When we feel love for ourselves, it radiates from us and others feel it. Fear can not survive in love. Love is the answer.

By slowing down and tuning into our own individual nature, we are able to learn what it is that our bodies need, what’s really important. Being, not doing.

If these uncertain times are painful for you and you are having trouble coping, I have a number of services on offer aimed at teaching you how to look within. I work on physical, mental, emotional and soul levels. Please get in touch if you would like see how I can help. I work remotely so can come to you in the comfort of you home 🙂