I don’t mean that getting the virus is good for us, I’m looking at the big picture here. What it COVID-19 doing for our lives as we know it? Can the self-isolation that is being imposed on us actually be a good thing for us?

From an ayurvedic perspective, we are nature. What is happening on the bigger picture, or externally, is happening internally because it is all connected.

Leading up to this and for many years, I could feel the pull of the speed of our society. We were always on the go, most of us found it very difficult to stop, breathe and be with ourselves. We always thought or made other things more important and ourselves and slowing down less of a priority.

Up to 80% of our population (worldwide) was said to have a vata imbalance. What does this mean? Vata is the controller of energy/prana/movement in the body and mind. It is in charge of all of the movement functions of the body and when it is out of balance things such as anxiety, headaches, gut issues, IBS, hormone imbalance and other diseases come to the fore.

Ayurveda 101 is about balance with your true nature. Finding balance with what we do and how we do it to level things out. Finding balance in the things we do every day – the way we eat, exercise, sleep, think, and go about life, as well as being in tune with nature and her cycles. Being at piece with our nervous systems, not constantly living in a state of fight, flight or freeze like most of us are.

I have already written about my views on why this is happening, Mother Nature is giving us a big wake up call, because we didn’t listen to her the first time. You know, the signs you had. Not sure what I mean? These signs come from a variety of places. Think about your health and wellbeing. Think about what is causing you pain right now (physically, mentally and emotionally). Think about the increase in mental health issues, auto immune disease, gut issues, general feelings of lethargy and stress. These were all signs to slow down! But did you listen? I know I didn’t until it got pretty loud and I was on the verge of a break down. To be clean, break downs or major disasters are wake up calls because we didn’t listen to the early signs. It’s time to start listening!

You can be forgiven though, for not listening. Most of us were never taught how. In our society of do, do, do, gain, gain, gain, work, work, work, it’s not hard to see that we have become this way as a product of our conditioning. ‘Good little worker bees’ is the way I like to look at it, but that’s a whole other post…

Have you thought that maybe, we could shift the perspective and instead of looking at self-isolation as a bad thing, start looking at it as a good thing?

Look at it as a deepening of relationship with self rather than a lacking of something. A time of reflection. Is what you were doing, what you actually wanted? Or, was it due to what you thought you had to do, to be able to live the way you were? Do you like who you are now and what you have become? Were you even being you? Your true self, or someone slightly removed? Maybe this time is actually a period that is helping you to restore balance? Re-learn how it is to be you? Re-learn what is important and what makes you tick?

These were all the things I learned when I had my break and took time for myself. It is one of the most difficult times, a breaking down of old ways, however, one of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned. How to BE me and not DO me, how to sit with myself, by myself, how to respect myself and prioritize my needs above all else (no its not selfish, its self-love), and most important of all, how to love who I am, even though I’m not perfect. As a type 1 perfectionist and people pleaser (I also like to call this my Pitta/Kapha dosha/nature 😉), these were some tough lessons, let me tell you?

It has also occurred to me that we are learning how to be our true selves in other ways. As humans, we are feeling beings. What I mean by this is that we have emotions and receptors that tune into not only ourselves but each other, like the root systems of trees. Everything that others feel, we feel. It’s that unexplainable thing that we can’t see and often aren’t taught to sense, but it’s there. It can be on a collective scale (meaning the whole universe) or on an individual scale (ourselves, and those who we are closest to, in proximity and emotionally/energetically).

Because we are energetic beings, we can sense when something isn’t right, just like animals do. Animals often know something isn’t right. They usually know before we do. My cat senses when a storm is coming before it arrives, long before I can see any signs of it. His behavior goes out of control, he runs around the house, looking at me oddly, being loud and clawing or tearing things up. We also know it, maybe not on such subtle levels, but it’s there. Think about those people who you are drawn to because they have a good vibe and you enjoy being around, or those that you think, I’m going to cross the street as this doesn’t feel right, I’m out of here! You know what I mean, yeah?

This is because everything has an energy and this energy radiates a certain distance around it, just like a Wi-Fi router does. In energy work we often refer to this as a person’s aura. This aura or energy field in the average person radiates at around 1.5 m from your body (we can manipulate it but again, that is a whole different post). Is it a coincidence that we are now being forced to distance ourselves from others when we are out in public when we are being thrown into learning more about ourselves? Maybe we can look at social distancing as a benefit for ourselves as well? Look at it as a way of allowing us to process and be in our own energy so that we can work on what is coming up for each of us as individuals rather than feeling everyone else’s stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this virus is deadly and it has completely turned people’s lives upside down. It can be terrifying. I like to look at it as the yin in the yang, the positive in the negative, the light in the dark. After all, there is polarity in everything, it depends on how we choose to look at it. So maybe instead of looking at this virus as a negative and turning to fear, look at the positive aspects of it and learn to connect with yourself on deeper levels. Sit quietly with yourself, re-learn who you are, what makes you come alive without the reliance on other people or things, and think about the changes you can start making now and when we come out on the other side.