How are you feeling at the moment? Are you feeling like a prisoner in your own home? A prisoner of your thoughts or emotions? Unable to control anything or make sense of what’s going on. We can’t even leave the house and go to the shops without feeling like we’re doing something wrong. Told to keep our distance, stay away from people and places and not do this or that. Our freedom has been taken from us. Our ability to make choices stripped away.

For a lot of people, life as they knew it has changed or has been turned completely upside down. Some of us are be better at coping with these experiences than others, and at some level, we are all going through some sort of change. Loss of business or income, changes in working conditions, kids being home 24/7, unpleasant or dangerous living situations, or lack of contact and connection with others, being told what we can and can’t do. We are all feeling the effects.

How are you coping? Or what are you doing to cope? Are you getting angry or frustrated? Or, feeling scared, helpless? Have certain behaviours increased? Maybe you’re turning to substances or things to help numb and get through the day? Food, booze, Netflix. Maybe your distracting yourself by keeping busy or pushing to hang on to something that’s slipping away?

We thrive in community, through contact with others, our relationships, connection to nature, living in the moment. Our current situation is putting a real strain on some of us. On our mental, physical, emotional health, our relationships, our finances, our current way of being. Years ago, when my world was crumbling down, I felt like I was helpless and lacked freedom, I was angry and frustrated. I had been trying to control and orchestrate my life. That’s why it was so difficult for me. I don’t like being told what to do or to restrict the things I want. I had so much trouble letting go of everything I had worked towards. It’s the reason we all struggle so much in trying times. All I wanted was the freedom to choose and live my life the way I wanted. The freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted. There were all these rules, some of which were self-imposed and a lot that were societal. It took a pretty decent shake up for me to learn that in order to get what I really needed, I had to let go. Stop pushing. Slow down.

I took the time off. Closed my business. Sold my house. Went travelling. Attended many retreats and trainings. Moved south, then north, then a little south and back up north again. After some time away from life as I’d known it, and some digging and soul searching, I realized that I was controlling situations to prove something to myself. I was trying to prove that I was worthy. Worthy of someone else’s approval or love. The more I tried to prove my worth, the more difficult it was. It was actually my love and approval that I was after the whole time. I didn’t know it then. I only thought I had to do, do, do in order to be. Turns out, being me and learning to be me after years of being someone else, a version I thought I had to be to be loved and accepted, was found when things broke down and I had time to sit with myself. Stop. Feel. Be.

Thinking about the way we’ve had our freedom taken from us now has bought this situation to light again for me. Only this time, it feels different. I don’t feel trapped, angry or in pain about it. Sure, I miss going out for lunch dates with friends, travelling, meeting new people and being able to hug or touch someone. Instead, I see the lessons that are on offer, another chance to reconnect and check in with myself. I am grateful for this time to slow down and look within and really connect to myself without the pressure to continually do/achieve/work etc. I’m allowing myself to rest deeply and let go again.

I love that this is happening now, not that people are dying, but the way that we all have the opportunity to go within. I love that people’s worlds are coming down and that they are able to sit with themselves, check in, stop, listen, be. There’s nothing much happening so there’s no FOMO and we all have an opportunity to gain something from this experience. I’ve noticed already that people are starting to connect more with their local community and those around them. It may not be all roses for people. There are a lot of major changes happening. Some that rock our very core. The foundations that we have laid are being shattered and we are still learning how to navigate this new way life. It can be painful, stressful and frightening but out of the ashes, we will rise like the phoenix.

Our mental health is one way we can explore the issues going on within. Have you been able to connect in yet? See what your higher self is trying to show you so that you can move through, release and grow from. What are you going to take from it? We all have a lesson we can take from this. Break out of your self-imposed prison, get to know and accept yourself, and feel a sense of freedom, no matter the situation.

Sending Love & Radiant Vibes,

Maaya x

Maaya is an emotion and stress release specialist who focuses on helping people find the core of their pain and suffering through body and emotion release therapies, meditation and lifestyle routines. She teaches people how they can tune into themselves so that they can understand the way their core beliefs and programs affect the decisions they make; the way they react to certain situations and the emotions they feel. If you would like some guidance or learn some techniques for shifting and working through difficulties, please feel free to reach out. Pay what you can rates are available.