Purify Cleanse

‘Purify’ 7 Day Ayurvedic Cleanse

mullumbimby, 22-28 March 2021

‘Purify’ is a gentle and holistic ayurvedic cleanse that is designed to boost immunity and energy levels, improve your mood, detoxify the body and increase metabolism. It also helps with stabilising hunger and cravings, gives greater mental clarity and focus, you may even loose a few kilograms in the process.

What you receive:

  • 7 days of freshly cooked, seasonal ayurvedic meals made from local, organic produce
  • cleansing guide
  • recorded yoga sequence
  • guided meditation
  • an ayurvedic cleanse pack comprising ayurvedic staples like cleansing herbs, medicated oils, a tongue scraper and detox tea
  • a whole lot of practical tips and guidance to help you journey through cleansing and releasing toxins
  • daily check-in’s and support

Investment: $1250 (includes all meals, guide, cleanse pack)