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Soul Coaching

deep | personalised | transformation

Soul Coaching is an embodiment and personal freedom coaching package designed to get you feeling balanced and in tune with your true nature through opening up to your Soul gifts and clearing past beliefs that you may be holding on to.

Over the sessions we will delve into your Souls desires and bring to light your life’s purpose so that you feel vibrant, clear and grounded in your direction on this earth plane.

You will be guided into your bodies innate wisdom to ease discomfort in the body and mind and gain clarity whilst expanding exponentially spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

This program is for you if you are?

  • looking for clarity on your direction or feel a bit lost on your Soul’s path
  • going through a transition or want to make some major changes in your life but don’t quite know where to start
  • have a range of health issues that you just can’t seem to get to the bottom of
  • want to learn about your unique Self and the most aligned way of supporting you and your needs
  • looking for natural ways to alleviate stress, anxiety and trauma without the use of unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol, drugs, or emotional eating or other numbing agents 
  • feel disconnected from yourself, Spirit and others

What you receive:

  • an in-depth pre-program consultation
  • biweekly personalised guidance, mentoring and healing sessions
  • individualised written support guides (received after each session)
  • unlimited practitioner support for the duration of the program to implement any of the recommendations discussed in session 
  • tools and support to help you shift old patterns and beliefs
  • a supportive environment for healing

Sessions are available in person or online worldwide via video conferencing.

All programs are tailored based on your specific needs and run for a minimum of 12 weeks. 

To apply to work with Maaya or for more information please book in for a free chat on the link below.

Foundations for Success Small Business Start-Up Coaching

fundamentals | personalised | Framework

Foundations for Success is a program for women who feel they are meant to have a deep impact on the world with the work they do, want to start their own business but don’t know where to begin.

What you’ll get from the course is a framework that takes you through all there is to know about starting up your own heart centred, healing or natural therapies business from the ground up. As well as individualised guidance on strategy and systems to use in your business, releasing underlying traumas or fears and mindset that impinge on your success, and get clients and money coming in before you transition into business over a 3 or 6 month period.

This program is for you if you?

  • have a vision of the life and business you want but don’t know how to get that vision out there or make it a reality
  • have resistance about stepping forward into your soul’s work even though you know what you offer can transform the lives of so many others
  • are uncertain that the business you want to embark on is financially viable and want some tools to provide you with clarity and confidence in its success
  • You’re unsure of exactly who your unique gifts will best serve or how to find them
  • are unsure of the results that you deliver because you’ve not worked with many clients or worked in this industry before
  • sick of working for someone who you earn money for and want to be making it for yourself
  • feel lost or overwhelmed and fear wasting your time and energy without seeing any results
  • love to help others with what you do but you often do it for free or at a low cost
  • feel like the black sheep amongst your peers, family or friends because they don’t get what it is that you actually do and don’t offer much in the way of support towards your vision

What you receive:

  • The fundamentals needed to set up your own heart centred, healing or natural therapy business
  • A step-by-step framework for building strong foundations for success in your business
  • A roadmap to generate high paying clients that you want to work with into your business
  • Simple steps and accountability to create more confidence, clarity and cash flow so you can transition into your business and out of your current job or study
  • Regular live coaching sessions for the duration of the program with Maaya which include a combination of strategy, mindset and healing
  • Homework tasks to complete in between sessions that are based on your actual business, not simulations
  • Guidance to live the vision you have in your mind
  • Accountability and tools to keep you on track with your progress
  • Access to ask questions or bounce ideas off for the duration of the program
  • Tips to avoid burning out

Sessions are available in person or online worldwide via video conferencing.

All programs are tailored based on your specific needs and run for a minimum of 12 weeks. To apply to work with Maaya or for more information please book in for a free chat on the link below.


I just finished a 12 week program with Maaya and it was a very precious and special experience for me. Maaya is a very sensitive and empathetic person. She is really dedicated to her healing work and can hold a “comfortable healing room” for you even when you work via online with her.

I profited in various ways from her work with me. Maaya used different techniques than I have in the past, thus I could meet old wounds in a ‘new’ way and process them. We usually talked for a while when starting the session and Maaya gave me a lot of room to address the topic I wanted to work on.

Maaya can easily pinpoint your problem or question and lead you to deeper exploration. Our working process was accompanied by a lot of useful links and information which included affirmations, guided meditations, ayurvedic advice, a cleansing program and journaling prompts.

As a result of my work with Maaya, I changed a lot of habits in my life. These habits comprise a deeper self-awareness, self-care, and setting boundaries in my personal and professional life. 

I thank her for her energy and patience and do heartily recommend her. Whenever I might need her help I would certainly contact her again.

Marie, S.


Listen to what Antoinette has to say about working with Maaya by watching this short video

Antoinette, N.

Perth, Australia

I had my first session with Maaya yesterday (October, 2020). I was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect, but Maaya put me at ease immediately, with her strong and gentle presence and ability to hold space.

The session itself was nothing short of miraculous. Maaya was able to guide me very quickly right into my heart centre and release a heaviness that had been stuck for some time. I have PTSD and have tried a number of modalities, but this seemed to cut through in a way that I haven’t experienced before.

Last night I slept soundly and deeply and this morning I woke with an energy and lust for life, a renewed feeling of love, and a clarity that I have not felt for some time.

If you are hesitating, don’t. This is the healing you’ve been looking for! Thanks Maaya.

Aimee R.

South West Rocks, Australia

Since doing the 12 week program, I have started to shift how I think about myself. I now prioritise myself and try to be more caring and gentle. I meditate daily, am mindful of what foods I’m eating and when I’m eating them. I am also working towards building my confidence to trust others.

Learning some of the strategies taught in this program have helped me to feel more balanced and calm, reducing feelings of anger and helping me to be more understanding in my relationships of where others may be coming from. Overall, my relationships with my partner and family have improved significantly since doing this program.

The Aligning to Radiance program met all of my expectations. I felt comfortable, respected, heard and supported to open up about my emotions with Maaya.

I enjoyed the entire program and the most valuable lesson I’ve learned by undertaking this program is to love and prioritise myself!

Stacey M.

South West Rocks, Australia

I recently finished an online immersion with Maaya and absolutely loved it. I valued the flexibility of the classes and being able to do it in my own time, in the comfort of my own home. As a busy mum of 4 and having a husband that is a shift worker, it is important that I still find time for myself and this definitely suited my needs.

I was also able to connect with Maaya and the other members of the group in our weekly live catch-ups. Having the classes run online also allowed me to listen a few times each week. I loved that each class had a different intention and I felt great and renewed after each session. Thank you Maaya.

Julie S.

Newcastle, Australia

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