Online Learning

Ayurveda Basics Course

6 week online Group course

Next course begins 8 February 2021 @ 7.30pm AEST (Sydney Time)

This program is for you if you?

  • are interested in learning more about ayurveda and how it can positively impact your health and wellbeing
  • want to make some positive, impactful changes to your health and wellbeing
  • would like to learn daily rituals to bring in some calm, peace and balance to your body, mind and soul

What you receive:

  • 6 x 1 hour live online group sessions with Maaya
  • access to online group support throughout the 6 weeks
  • a supportive learning environment
  • ayurvedic daily rituals guide
  • seasonal foods guide
  • and much more…


  • Week 1: Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Week 2: The Doshas (vata, pitta, kapha)
  • Week 3: The Gunas (energetic principles)
  • Week 4: The Seasons & Times of the Day
  • Week 5: Daily Rituals
  • Week 6: Balancing the Doshas

Investment: $240

I recently finished an online immersion with Maaya and absolutely loved it. I valued the flexibility of the classes and being able to do it in my own time, in the comfort of my own home. As a busy mum of 4 and having a husband that is a shift worker, it is important that I still find time for myself and this definitely suited my needs.
I was also able to connect with Maaya and the other members of the group in our weekly live catch-ups. Having the classes run online also allowed me to listen a few times each week. I loved that each class had a different intention and I felt great and renewed after each session.

Thank you, Maaya.

Julie S.

Newcastle, NSW (6 Week Yoga Nidra Immersion)