Energy Release

Pranic Healing Sessions

4 weekly sessions

A combination of energetic healing techniques specific to your needs such as ayurvedic pressure points, reiki, breathwork, yoga release, massage, theta healing, sound healing and guided meditation.

Energy can manifest in the body in physical, mental and emotional ways causing underlying negative thought patterns that keep you feeling stuck or repeating patterns with relationships, finances, weight or other subconscious beliefs, pain, dis-ease or illness.

When we allow the body to process stored energy it releases and as a result we start to shift the ways that we behave, think and feel. Many ailments start to heal and you feel more at ease in life on many levels.

It is recommended to undertake the four sessions over 4 consecutive weeks for the greatest benefit.

These sessions are available online worldwide via video conferencing or in person in Mullumbimby. Allow up to 2 hours per session. 

Investment: $970 AUD