‘At Home’ Retreat Days & Workshops

Within the comfort of your own home, our ‘at home’ retreat days & workshops come to you!

How divine would it be to gather your closest friends or even work colleagues and host a wellness workshop at your home or office? A chance to come together, learn about Ayurveda, relax with gentle yoga, be cooked a wholesome seasonal meal or chill out with a face mask and body massage!⁠

You choose your experience. The range of topics and activities include: yoga nidra⁠ and gentle yoga class⁠, Ayurvedic basics talk⁠ and tips on eating for the season⁠ as well as lifestyle advice for staying well PLUS cooking demonstrations⁠ and a delicious ayurvedic lunch⁠ or learn how to make beauty products to suit your skin type using products from your pantry!⁠

The retreat days are suitable for beginners and people looking to learn more about yoga, ayurveda and how to tune into the energies of nature!

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Immersion 

Saturday 28 November 9.30am-2.30pm

Immerse yourself in a day of ayurvedic living!

This day is for you if you’d like a day of relaxation, are interested in learning more about ayurveda and how it can positively impact your health and wellbeing, learn how living an ayurvedic lifestyle relates to the seasons and cycles/stages of your life, and would like to learn some simple daily rituals to bring in more calm, peace and balance to your body, mind and soul.

Included in the immersion day is:

  • ayurvedic wisdom and knowledge on the season, daily rituals and stages of life
  • an ayurvedic yoga asana practice
  • yoga nidra or guided meditation
  • an ayurvedic cooking demonstration
  • a delish, fresh, organic vegetarian lunch (vegan & gluten free options available)

Investment: $175 (includes lunch and an ayurvedic goodie bag to take home)

Wayapa is an earth connection, mindfulness practice that includes narrative to the movements of 14 elements. It was founded in Australia by Jamie Thomas, a Maara and GunaiKurnai man and his partner Sara Jones. Wayapa means ‘connect to the earth’ in Jamie’s Indigenous language and that is exactly what this practice is aimed at doing. 

The practice is based on ancient traditional ways and teaches us how to live more in harmony with our environment, the cycles and seasons of life, and paying respect to everything and everyone.

A typical workshop comprises of a presentation outlining the elements and their importance in our lives, how to live more sustainably and understand the relationship we have with being stewards for the land, followed by the narrated movement practice.

It is suitable and accessible to everybody, all ages, cultures and physical abilities. Workshops can be tailored to suit corporate businesses, schools, workplaces, or social groups of up to 30 people and are held for a minimum of 1 hour. Workshops can also be held as full day or half day events and ongoing.

Please contact us for a quote or to find out more information. 

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