Welcome to Sacred Spirit Medicine with Maaya Eagle

Is your Soul yearning to go deep and get to the core of the discomfort or dis-ease that you feel in your body or mind? Are you undergoing a major life transition and looking for some guidance? Or have some blocks or patterns repeating that you can’t seem to get to the bottom of? Maybe you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed and want some strategies to feel more ease and peace in your life? Or have a range of physical symptoms that modern medicine just can’t seem to answer? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, and are ready to take yourself on a journey of self-discovery and healing keep reading, you’re in the right place!

What i do

I guide people into healing and processing their physical, mental and emotional past in a way that is holistic and guided by Spirit. The work I do gets to the core of a persons pain and discomfort so they thrive in all areas of their life by incorporating the ancient practise of Ayurveda along with energy work to release unprocessed emotions and traumas held in the body and mind, and detoxify the body from accumulated toxins. It is a holistic approach and each person is treated on an individualised level. Recommendations may include diet and lifestyle advice, herbal remedies and relaxation and rejuvenation treatments. The energy work I do is a combination of Reiki, breath work therapy, yoga therapy, meditation, guided visualisations, Thetahealing, channelling and other Spirit led healing techniques. The work I do is unlike anything I have ever seen before, it goes deep and allows my clients to heal and understand their circumstances in a way that words can not describe.

During the year I also offer a range of workshops and events both online and in person. Check out my services and events pages for more information.

In Person Appointments Now Available

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After a couple of years of doing things online, I’m really excited to announce that I’m back doing in-person consultations, treatments and now Personal Wellbeing Retreats! Online appointments for coaching, mentoring, the reset program, energy healings and learn to meditate will still be available but if you would prefer to see me in person, have a delightfully relaxing, therapeutic treatment, grab some supplies or come on retreat you can now see me in person at my clinic in Arakoon.

Signature Coaching + Mentoring Sessions

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Looking for some deep healing or mentoring for direction and clarity? Or starting your own healing business and looking for some advice and accountability?

I offer embodiment and personal freedom coaching sessions that are designed to delve into your Souls desires and bring to light your life’s purpose so that you feel vibrant, clear, grounded and living your life’s purpose on this earth plane. 

I also offer mentoring to people looking to establish their own healing business, in a program called Foundations For Success. It is a step-by-step framework and coaching program to set you up when you are in the early stages of establishing your business.

In coaching sessions, you will be guided into your bodies innate wisdom to gain answers from your Soul and ease discomfort whilst expanding exponentially spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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