Aligning to Radiance with Maaya Eagle

Are you undergoing a major life transition or want to make some positive changes? Do you have health conditions that you can’t get to the bottom of? Or are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed and want some strategies to feel more ease and peace in your life? Are you ready to say ‘Yes’ to yourself and start your journey of self-discovery and healing? If so, keep reading, we’ve got some services we’re sure you’ll be interested in! 

What i do

As a Radiance Alignment Guide I help women to clear the stresses and traumas of their past in a holistic way focussing on the physical, mental and emotional bodies using my modality ‘Radiance Alignment’. Radiance Alignment is a combination of vedic philosophy (ayurveda, yoga and meditation), energy work and breathwork. I do this for women who are wanting to gain a deeper connection to themselves and free themselves from emotional patterns, physical pain and chronic illness. 

For women looking to start their own healing business I offer a mentoring and business program called Foundations For Success. It is a step-by-step framework to set you up when you are in the early stages of setting up a business. 

During the year I also offer a range of workshops both online and in person and seasonal cleanses to reset the physical, mental and emotional body. Check out my services and events pages for more information.

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‘Aligning to Radiance’ Programs

Aligning to Radiance is Maaya’s signature program. It is a deeply transformative and personalised healing journey taken over 12 weeks. The program teaches you to align with your true self and resets you three levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Included in the program is Radiance Alignment sessions, releasing old programs and limiting core beliefs that keep you repeating patterns or feeling stuck, and practical everyday rituals to calm the body and mind and have you glowing from the inside out.