About Maaya


Founder of Sacred Spirit Medicine


Ayurvedic Practitioner & Energy Worker


Embodiment & Personal Freedom Coach + Small Business Start-Up Mentor


International Best Selling Author in multi author book “Wild Woman Rising: Brave women who carved their own path”


Hello, hello there Beautiful One! My name is Maaya (pronounced ‘my-a’). It’s great to have you here! If you’re on this page I guess you’re wanting to know a bit about me and my credentials, am I right? I’ve posted a video below if you would rather check it out.

I have always been interested in spirituality and alternative practises. As a teenager I used to read my horoscope, hang out in crystal shops and have the occasional reading but never felt connected to my own innate abilities. I was often told that I would be a powerful healer but had no idea how this would happen as I felt uncomfortable with that label because they were seen as different and I wanted so badly to fit in back then. I only spoke about my interest with friends who were into the same things and blocked a lot.

In my mid 20s I started going to psychic fairs and having healings. I met some amazing teachers who helped me through some tough times. It made me realise that there was more to life than what I was doing and that these gifts were there to be cherished, not avoided. I learned a couple of modalities like Reiki and Theta Healing but rarely practised on anyone other than myself. 

From around 2009 I started the journey of healing my physical body, slowly awakening to who I was and realising my life’s purpose in the process. I worked on the physical ailments to begin with because they were the most present for me and had the greatest impact on my day to day wellbeing. There were a lot of things going on that allopathic medicine and naturopathy couldn’t get to the bottom of like IBS and gut issues, fatigue, plus I had a back injury from a workplace incident, relationship breakdown, a miscarriage, was raped and had memories from childhood sexual abuse surface all within what felt like a really quick succession. I was depressed and anxious, feeling the worst I had in my life and then I started getting a feeling of someone else being there. My Grandmother who had passed many years prior. 

On the outside my life looked like the one I thought I should be living and I put on the front like I had it all together but I was empty on the inside. In debt. Longing to feel whole. Daydreaming about a different life but not knowing how I’d ever get there because I couldn’t logically work it out. Each day felt like Groundhog Day and I wanted off the merry-go-round that I was living in. Thankfully in my situation I took the advice of my naturopath at the time and started attending regular yoga and meditation classes. This is when I started to remember what I had forgotten for so many years – I was remembering myself and felt the most relaxed I ever had. And I was able to hear Spirit more and more and things in my life started to shift. 

Being led by Spirit, my quest to heal naturally and my love of learning I did course after course, picking up new and amazing tools for healing and connecting to my inner Self as I went along. I learned mediumship, advanced Theta Healing and became a Reiki Master. I also felt called to learn more about yoga nidra because I wanted to share the feelings I got from it with as many people as I could. I loved yogic philosophy so much that I did a 200 hour yoga teacher training just so I could learn more. Then did another and another. I then moved to Melbourne to study ayurveda and that same year flew to America to do yoga therapy, then back again the following year to do a breathwork course and to India for some further studies. 

While I was learning the final few modalities, I’d receive little downloads as if all of the pennies were falling into place. I saw different ways of seeing things and put them together into my own way. I often struggled to tell people what I did because it was a culmination of so many things and over time I realised I had created my own modality which I am yet to name. 

My modality or way of doing things focuses on shifting mental, emotional, physical or situational stress, trauma and pain from the body and mind to bring people into alignment with their true self. It is a culmination of the skills and modalities that I have learned throughout my life both educational and Spirit led. It encompasses everything from an understanding of behaviour and child psychology that I learned when I was teaching, to the nervous system, meditation, mediumship, using psychic and sensory feeling abilities, ayurveda, yoga, breathwork and energy work. 

In the past few years I have personally healed my own physical conditions like precancerous cells in my esophagus, IBS, heartburn, a hiatus hernia, regular migraines, neck/shoulder flair ups and back pain and believe this is a result of these techniques as modern medicine had no answers. 

The body holds the answers to everything, we just need to learn how to listen to it. That is what I guide my clients to do and train practitioners to do. Become self healers and guides to help their clients become self healers in a truly holistic and individualised way. If you’d love to work with me check out my services page or come and see me at The Gladstone Hub for a chat.